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What our SEO company does: SEO analysis, SEO consultation, and SEO services.

Site SEO analysis

The first step in SEO services is analysis. Our experts prepare a complete report on the status of internal SEO, external SEO, and technical SEO of your site using advanced tools. In addition, we add our expert opinions to this analysis and offer appropriate suggestions to improve your site’s SEO.

SEO Consulting

No matter what stage your site is in, you always want advice to firstly prevent any problems in optimizing your site and secondly to increase the site’s ranking in Google by using the experiences of experts. Contact us to book a free online SEO consultation session.

Internal and external linking

Internal and external linking is consequential for SEO. Because by correctly observing the principles of link building, we circulate Google’s crawlers on all pages of our website.
That leads to better visibility of all the pages and as a result, improves the website’s ranking.

If you have an SEO expert on your team but have not made progress in link building, you can leave only this part of your work to us.

SEO Company

With numerous professional experts, the SEO company can achieve your desired result and place you at the top of Google search results. After receiving the information about your project, the Pana Marketing team will examine and analyze your website.
We find SEO and design flaws and fix them. Then we increase the website speed to ensure that your site loads for users in a few seconds.

After that, in the next step, we will check the status of your competitors, and then in the next step, we will extract your keyword list. After completing all internal Search Engine Optimization steps, it is time to build backlinks, which our team does in a correct and moral way.

Benefits of working with an SEO company

Your website will be faster and more fundamental because your project is done in a group.
You have peace of mind because a team of experts is working on your project.
The probability of error is very low.
Due to the existence of high experiences, the speed and accuracy of work are more elevated.

Features of Pana Marketing SEO services

1. Continuous analysis of the client’s site and its competitor’s sites
2. Solving technical problems on the site
3. Increase site speed
4. Improve internal linking
5. Design and implementation of SEO strategy
6. Increase the site’s visitors
7. Improve site ranking in Google

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We pride ourselves on our responsiveness. We are available via email, phone, and even Whatsapp so you can get answers to your questions.

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Our prices may seem low, but it does not represent the lower quality! That is simply because our experts are not in the west!

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