The Impact of internet restrictions through the Lens of Statistics

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Internet businesses in Iran have faced many challenges regarding restrictions and filtering for several years. Unfortunately, the life of the digital marketing ecosystem is not like physical businesses, which are concerned about closing down and attracting customers under the influence of the restrictions adopted by the authorities.

In this regard, the activities of businesses have been subject to a hostile and very wrong atmosphere, which has not only caused the bankruptcy of well-known and growing brands but also led the mental and intellectual state of the audience in the direction of wrong ideologies.

This issue made the continued activity of social media and online shops tense, an approach that resulted in double unemployment and the closure of vulnerable and low-income groups, as well as new and evolving start-ups.

Although the restrictions have always been the basis of legal trade unions and civil demands, they should not be closed and inactive. On the contrary, in this space, it is necessary to maintain the stronghold of business with more strength and motivation and not allow limitations to cause collapse and failure.

Paying attention to the belief that people’s livelihood depends on the lights of online businesses being on and the ecosystem’s survival depends on the activity makes a solid and hopeful society that does not accept failure to struggle on the internet.

The Impact of internet restrictions through the Lens of Statistics

A large part of the digital marketing community in the content field comprises women, who have suffered the most damage from the current situation, with a 92% drop in this field. About 11 million people make a living through social networks, of which more than 9 million depend on Instagram for their direct income. Consider that Instagram is not just a social market. Instead, it is a powerful platform to respond to the customer and is considered a part of the CRM path.




The Impact of internet restrictions

In parallel with these data, we should pay special attention to the sector that makes up local businesses. Those who operate locally have endured many hardships and efforts in setting up a store and service supply channel.

Most of these native online shops turned to social networks like Instagram after the Corona epidemic, even though Iranian social networks did not have any significant regular programs in terms of marketing so. By building trust, creative opportunities can be provided to these Put a class of businesses.

You need to know that just moving from one social network to another doesn’t mean there are better conditions at all. Because first of all, it is necessary to have traffic and potential customers there so that buying and selling can be established. When there is a weak action in the marketing field, in sensitive situations, and in force majeure, these problems also spread and affect internet businesses, including local online shops.


Many people in society turn to a skill in Internet acquisition to meet their life needs or help with expenses. Jobs such as article typing, social channel admin, customer relations, team management, and many others are such and become a reliable pillar.

Women have taken a large share of the ecosystem, and as a very prosperous society, they have achieved proud career achievements and entrepreneurship. In the online business sector, nearly 64% are women, who unfortunately suffered a lot of damage due to the restrictions resulting from internet filtering.


How-Iranian-Online-Businesses-Are-Using-The-Internet: Men VS Women


The homemakers who own most of the local online shops also had the path of growth and development in front of them, but with Instagram being unavailable and the market closing; as a result, the expenses and income became hostile, and a large part of Them asked them to leave their place of business.

Also, the role of women in companies and start-ups is so bold and valuable that economic pressures, reduction, and closure of companies and projects directly targeted this successful and influential group.

Experience has shown that when a constraint is imposed, the acceptance of alternative methods or access efforts increases significantly. Access to the international internet is necessary for the country’s scientific life, technology, and knowledge, and not having access to it is considered an impossible assumption. Since there is no marketing and no effort to attract users in internal networks, people turn to other platforms that are filtered. Statistics show that Telegram’s popularity has more than doubled compared to the previous year, and posts have been viewed about 3 billion times.

Regarding domestic production, all capacities should be used for their growth and development. This not only creates direct and indirect employment but also increases the poverty index to a great extent and the net domestic production, which prevents the outflow of foreign currency.

In other words, Instagram contains a rich and professional platform that, thanks to the community of highly diverse contacts, provides the possibility of growth and progress for development and more income. Shutting down online businesses and social media puts pressure on the individual, team, and family but also causes severe damage to livelihood, future, and life.


Censorship-Impact-On-Products in Iran


A passive ecosystem produces a hopeless and aimless workforce, which directly impacts the vulnerable and also involves a decline in technology and technology. In this situation, it is necessary to try to preserve what you have long ago with more strength and work spirit and don’t let the limitations cause you to distance yourself from the dream you have in your head.

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